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Welcome to the Sea Far Resort

Tapao Beach, Koh Kood Island, Thailand

Welcome at the Sea Far Resort Koh Kood! We are honored to have you as a visitor to our website and we hope we can persuade you to also visit our resort on Koh Kut one day.

The name Sea Far may sound a bit strange, considering the fact that we are a resort that is located right on one of the most beautiful west coast beaches, but the actual name of the resort in Thai language is สีฟ้า which translates to the color blue. The pronunciation of the Thai word can be written as Sii Far or Sea Far in the Roman alphabet, hence the name in English. You will see a lot of blue in and on our bungalows, when you arrive to our beach resort. Not only because it's our favorite color but also because it mirrors the incredible blues you will see in the sea in front of our beach. It's not always as clear on pictures taken with digital cameras, but once you are here you will immediately see how the colors on the outside of our beach bungalows reflect the same colors in the water in front of them. It's definitely something our guests as well as ourselves can look at without ever getting bored..

Opened in Nov 2014 and built and owned by a well known and respected local family that has been in the construction business for decades, ensures that any building in the Sea Far resort will remain new looking for many years to come. Where other resorts may choose to feel the waters first and start of with basic structures made of some cement and mostly wood, we at the Sea Far resort chose to make it all lasting from the beginning. This ensures that you can rest peacefully, knowing that bugs, rodents and other inhabitants of the jungle will not be able to disturb you while you are sleeping in the comforts of an air-conditioned breeze.

Speaking of our smaller neighbors: thanks to the Sea Far resort's own little estuary, our guests will be frequently joined by fireflies during certain seasons. Especially the guests that stay in 3 of the 5 Coconut garden Family bungalows that face this estuary, will be able to watch these little Tinkerbells blink for hours and hours in the evening, while our guests in the beach bungalows, or in the restaurant or beach bar, will enjoy a similar light show from the dozens of fishing boats that will line the horizon with their bright green and white lights not long after sunset. During the day, the area around our restaurant is immensely popular with the local butterflies, so the sea far resort on Ko Kood is indeed a magical place, 24 hours per day and 366 days per year!

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the Sea Far Resort bungalows
Container Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalows

The Beach Bungalows are probably the most popular of all types of accommodations that we have on offer in the Sea Far Resort on Koh Kood, especially amongst younger couples and peace and quiet loving seniors. All 9 of these lovely beach front bungalows are facing the sea and stand directly on the beautiful Ao Tapao beach. The comfortable, cozy panorama bungalows offer a nearly 180 degrees view of the beach and sea, even from the comfortable beds. All Beach Bungalows have their own terrace with private sun bed on it. Breakfast for two is included in below rate.

High Season - 6500 Baht
(16 Oct - 15 May)

Low Season - Closed
(16 May - 15 Oct)
Garden Bungalow

Coconut Garden Deluxe Bungalows

The Coconut Garden Deluxe bungalows are the most popular choice for guests that prefer to have all the comforts that can be offered. Where our Beach bungalows are already filled with all furniture that you need during a beach vacation in Thailand, the Coconut Garden Deluxe bungalows take it up a notch by including a refrigerator, extra large bathrooms, lots of cabinets and drawers to hang or keep clothing and large windows on three sides of the buildings. And don't let the Garden part of their name fool you: it's still only less than 50 steps to the beach! Breakfast for two is included in below rate.

High Season - 4000 Baht
(16 Oct - 15 May)

Low Season - 2400 Baht
(16 May - 15 Oct)
Coconut Garden Family bungalows

Coconut Garden Family Bungalows

Nearly identical to the only slightly smaller Deluxe Bungalows, these Coconut Garden Family Bungalows are, as the name suggests, ideal for families, especially those that have 2 or 3 children and would like to spend their beach vacation in the same room. These bungalows are fitted with 2 double beds that can comfortably sleep 2 adults + max. 3 children or 2 couples. They were built in sets of 2 with a connecting roof to enable larger families to have adjoining rooms with a meeting area in the middle, but are charged and booked separately. 4 daily breakfasts are included.

High Season - 6000 Baht
(16 Oct - 15 May)

Low Season - 3600 Baht
(16 May - 15 Oct)